Finding Pet-friendly Hotels For Your Next Vacation

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Finding Pet-friendly Hotels For Your Next Vacation_2If you are a pet owner, and absolutely adore your pet like most people do, you probably don’t like leaving your pet behind when you travel. Whether you leave your pet at a pet boarding facility or entrust it to the care of a relative or friend, there is probably a niggling worry at the back of your mind about how your pet is doing.

As you probably know, you can take your pet along with you when you travel so long as you find an affordable and reliable pet-friendly hotel. It is important to pick an establishment that is pet-friendly in the truest sense: it shouldn’t simply allow pets along with the visitors, but actually make an effort to provide the most comfortable stay for both the pet owners and their beloved pets.

Here is some advice on finding a pet-friendly hotel so that the next time you travel, you don’t have to leave your pets behind. pet-friendly in the truest sense: it shouldn’t simply allow pets along with the visitors, but actually make an effort to provide the most comfortable stay for both the pet owners and their beloved pets.

Trained Staff

Pet-friendly hotels are specialty hotels and the staff members need to be trained and skilled in taking care of animals. Since you will be leaving your pet at the hotel while you roam around, the staff will be responsible and should thus be trained to identify problems and tough situations and also know how to deal with the same in the most effective manner, as quickly as possible. From being able to deal with medical emergencies to behavioral issues, looking after your pet should not be left to amateurs.

Also, it helps if the staff members responsible for the pets at the hotel are animal lovers themselves.

Housetraining Your Dog

Satisfactory Range Of Services Available

Animals, needless to say, have a very different range of requirements from people. Which means that the hotel you choose to stay at during your holidays has to be equipped to meet these needs thoroughly.

While you are out and about, your pet will be in the hotel and it is essential that all its needs be met properly. From food and water to regular walks, bathing stations, toys, medication, litter boxes etc., the hotel needs to have all the basic amenities in place.

An on-site veterinarian is an added-bonus, but if the hotel doesn’t have one they should most certainly have a tie-up with a local vet whose practice is located close to the hotel.

Additional services such as playtime and toys, regular snacks etc. are a wonderful supplementary incentive for choosing a hotel. Make sure you receive a full list of services available before you make any bookings.

High Standards Of Sanitation

It is essential that the hotel you stay at maintains high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. When there are a lot of animals in one place, you will want to ensure that your beloved pet does not contract any infections or illnesses, or pass them on to other pets in the hotel. While it is certainly each pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet is healthy and disease-free, the cleanliness and hygiene routines adopted by the hotel staff also go a long way in ensuring a safe atmosphere for the pets and their owners.

Sleeping Quarters

Pet-friendly hotels will differ in their policies regarding where your pet will be sleeping. While some hotels are comfortable with pets being allowed in the same room as their owners or offer en-suite quarters specifically for the pet, others might have a separate, specific area designated to be the pet quarters. It is important to figure this detail out before you proceed with the booking process. Some people will not be comfortable with leaving their pets in a section of the hotel away from them, while others would rather have the room to themselves. The hotels policies might also vary according to the size of the pet, so it is important you speak with the management before making a final decision.

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