Dealing With Childrens Attentional Issues

Have you ever just looked blankly at your child after a long day and said, ‘ why don’t you just do it?” Go complete your homework before dinner.

Or you are thinking  why is the room a mess and how come I say the same thing day in and day out please please do not come out until the room is clean. And still ahhhhhhhh-

Well, no more ahhhhhh- Parent’s wake up and smell the formula- the secret  formula to no more stress and to getting it done- the job without pressing the repeat button over and over and over!~

Simple tips for a mainstream  child- Or any child that you think has any type of attentional issues or concerns. Face it Parent’s these days  WHO DOESN’T HAVE attentional issues. We only have one brain:

How much input can go in and compute?

Life’s simple Green steps to a happier mind, body and soul recipe…


A white Board

A marker

That is all you need….

This is called Microtasking-

Here is the verbiage.

” Izzy, please let’s write down what you have to do-

1. Math- when you finish come back to me and check it off

2. Social Studies – when you finish come to me and check it off

3. pick up the clothes on the floor- when you finish come to me and check it off.

Simple right:) you would not believe the time this will save  in back and forth.

Food- Formula- Try fruit or veggies really the sugar makes the some of the kiddo’s charged up.. and when you get home from work you want nothing more than to charge down.

Try this for a day and let me know what you think:)

Stay tuned for -

What is the difference between ADD & ADHD?

Jodilynn Natale- MSE;SAS;Learning Specialist

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