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ecomom is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. We empower moms’ and their commitment to take better care of their families and themselves by providing easy access to the world’s best, healthiest, and safest products.  From organic baby food to cloth diapers, wood toys and non-toxic house cleaning supplies, our product curation and acclaimed customer service sets us apart.  Along the way we even provide some education, support, tools and feedback from other moms – we empower them to take the all important first steps toward a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable lifestyle. ecomom® Official Site. Featuring a Huge Selection of Eco Friendly and Organic Products

ecomom® makes healthy choices more accessible for families.

Good food can increase a toddler’s chance at maintaining a healthy BMI, ensure a kindergartner develops the life skills to continue their active learning, and empower a first-grade student to graduate on time.*
Millions of children in the US under the age of five, are growing up without access to adequate nutrition.We all know that good food is inherent to all children’s health, happiness and abilities to learn and thrive. At ecomom, we believe that all children are entitled to plenty of high-quality food, and with your help, we can all continue to do our small part to help address this important need together.
your purchase matters.

In the United States, approximately 16 million children do not have consistent access to adequate amounts of food.

By now you know that doing good is important to us. So every order you make on ecomom.com feeds a child in need, providing one day of nutritious meals necessary for healthy growth and development. We work directly with local organizations across the US, to provide this emergency assistance to families. Truckloads full of the same nutritious, ecomom Trusted organic food that we sell, from our trusted brand partners, are delivered to those in need across the country. Just by buying something from our site, you get to help a child in need.

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The EcoMom Story

The Big Idea

Emily Blakeney, a loving mom to two young girls, and Jody Sherman, a dedicated uncle and friend, were both successful entrepreneurs living in Los Angeles, content in what they were both doing, but waiting for that next big idea!

Emily opened her boutique Eden’s Green Closet, to sell sustainable and eco-friendly baby apparel and products, and gently used baby clothing. She hoped to change pre-conceived notions of what the “right” products were to use in, on and around children.

Jody had some business success as well, but knew that when he “made it,” he would make sure to do “good.” He started to notice that moms could chat all day long about baby products. But he knew there wasn’t one single website where moms could find trustworthy information, and tried and tested products.

Jody Meets Emily

Jody was told that he had to meet Emily! And the rest is history, right? With our idea to create a very accessible website full of trustworthy information and products for moms and their families, we quickly got to work. At first we did everything ourselves, from ordering products, to packing and shipping. As the business grew, we hired employees to take on marketing and community relations roles. We then set up our headquarters in Las Vegas, embracing the Downtown Project, local entrepreneurial spirit and bright lights!

ecomom Trusted®

Emily tries out every product that is sold on ecomom to make sure that items are safe, and do what they are supposed to do. We offer a selection of products that we all really use with our own families. Our team always has your back, and we want to make shopping for your family safe and easy, by providing product choices that we know are good ones. Our company is based on the premise of being good for you, your kids and the community around you, for the long haul.

it’s all good.

We are happy to provide tools for you to do your most important, and often challenging, job of parenting, well. Whether it’s Mama Emily’s girls, or the kids in Uncle Jody’s life, we are continually inspired to do something good for children. Because happy kids is what it’s all about. ecomom is your hook-up to a healthy and happy life. It’s all good.

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