THE GOOD WORD explores sustainable living.
Watch this short animated movie explaining sustainability created for RealEyes by Igloo Animations

Gregg Coffin, Superintendent of Mizzou’s power plant, discusses the efforts and progress we’ve made to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing efficiency and utilizing sustainable energy resources.

Uploaded on Feb 15, 2010
This 10 minute video presents highlights of an interview with Dr. Paul Raskin about his views on the pathways necessary to achieve a sustainable planetary civilization in the near-term future. Dr. Raskin posits that a global citizens movement and a Copernican shift in how humans perceive their relationship to earth are both necessary. Dr. Raskin is the President and Founder of the Tellus Institute, the Founder of the Global Scenario Group, and a leader of the Great Transition Initiative. The interview is a companion to the Visions of a Sustainable World Speaker series at Yale, which brings scholars and practitioners to campus to help articulate positive, concrete visions of a sustainable global future and roadmaps for getting there.

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011 What if a solution to climate change was found beneath your feet? Sustainable World Media visits with ranchers, scientists and educators who are exploring the soil/carbon connection. Fertile soil is as vital to our survival as clean air and water. Every day we make choices that affect soil health. It’s time to conserve, protect and regenerate this living universe beneath our feet that may offer us a viable climate change solution.
Part 1 of a Climate Change Solutions Series. Produced by Jill Cloutier and Carol Hirashima of Sustainable World Media.

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