Green Investment USA


If we invested half of what we spent on oil last year we would be sustainable.


Mission: To connect green dreams with green backs.

Company Overview:

Connecting Green Dreams With Green Money.
Networking and marketing services for the green industry and the green dollars that keep it flush provided by The Green Marketing Company.  We have registered Green-Investment.US  and we are creating all the usual social media starting with our Facebook Account.  We hope you will follow us there and lend your support as we create a network of Green Dreamers and Green Investment folks to help build a profitable alternative energy economy.

Green + Investment= Long Term Profits For A Sustainable Future.

Description:  Steve Schappert was known as CT’s leader in Green Building according to NBC’s Going Green in 2007. Steve was the featured Green Builder at the 2007 real estate convention in Las Vegas. Steve had 1.3 million in equity and funding for his 3.5 million dollar home and green living expo, another 66 million in letters of intent for additional projects and 1.3 billion worth of development on the drawing board, when the market crashed.

Schappert was left with a jeep, a 72′ convertible Mustang and $142! So Schappert took the Mustang across 28 states in 28 days and learned how to increase the gas mileage by 58%. Schappert was featured on TV 20 times and The Green Marketing Company was born.

Steve knows a thing or two about creativity, timing and the value of a buck. Join the group, tell a friend. We will be networking online and in person at regular events.

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