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Litchfield CountyNow you can Feature the good things Your business does on the Litchfield County town page of your choice! The Good Word focuses on the power of positivity.

Your Banner ad featured at the top of the Litchfield County Connecticut page for 1 full year for only $350.

The Banner ad will link to a 500 word article  supplied by you with links and contact info to you.  The article with relevant tags and links will greatly increase your search engine visibility. Don’t have an article?  Our award-winning journalists can write one for you.  This is  a very limited time offer. Once a Country or State is gone its gone for a year!  We are still under construction this will be the intro page to our hyper local Litchfield County Content.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details

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Bantam Barkhamsted Bethlehem Bridgewater Canaan

Colebrook Cornwall Goshen Harwinton  Kent Litchfield

New Hartford  New Milford Norfolk Morris Plymouth

Roxbury Salisbury Sharon  Thomaston  Torrington

Warren Washington  Watertown  Winchester

Winsted  Woodbury


Litchfield  New Milford  Thomaston  Watertown  Woodbury

THE GOOD WORD of Litchfield County offers you print publications, websites and social media to advertise and promote your business cost effectively to your target your customer. Whether you are an international conglomerate or the local deli,  we can customize an advertising package for you.

THE GOOD WORD is written in 67 languages and is read in 163 countries.  Our online traffic has climbed dramatically in the last few months, we reached a million hits a day in April and expect to continue climbing from there.  We also publish 169 local town websites in Connecticut.  We offer large discounts for bulk advertising.

Our quarterly print publication will reach 500,000 in Western Connecticut and we plan to launch a total of 6 publications in CT in 2013.  We are looking for sales representatives that would like to become licensees for exclusive territories.

No other media company in Connecticut promotes goodness like THE GOOD WORD. We can position your business for success by helping you do well by doing good.  People buy from you because they like you.  Do good things, more people will like you, they then tell their friends and your business increases, making you more money so you can do more good.  This is know as the BIOS Business Cycle and was developed by Steve Schappert, founder of The BIOS Organization LLC.

Let us put our daily dose of positivity to work for you! Take a look at our wide array of digital and print products below.


Now You Can Pay It Forward While Promoting Your Business!

THE GOOD WORD isn’t like other media companies, as a social business enterprise, we have a higher purpose. We help you do well, by doing good. Our profits are invested back into socially desirable programs like the BIOS WaterCar and The BIOS World Peace Tour.  Your advertising dollars not only promote your business, but it supports our efforts to spread kindness around the world.  TheGoodWord.Me is written in 67 languages and read in 163 countries.  Now our local sites, with your help, will spread goodness in your community! We care and we constantly try to make a difference.