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The good word about Warner Bros.Warner Bros. seeks to support and strengthen organizations that promote the educational development and well-being of youth and inspire both youth and adults to develop the skills and attitudes that will prepare them to be active and responsible citizens.  An emphasis is placed on programs that encourage community involvement and participation in community-based and civic organizations, as well as those that provide mentoring, life skills training, leadership development, and arts-based enrichment to youth.

IMPACT Employee Giving ProgramGiving

Corporate Philanthropy: Warner Bros. participates in philanthropy as an integral part of its corporate responsibility strategy. We support nonprofit organizations in the communities where we have a business presence and where our employees live and work. Apart from a monetary contribution, we enhance our relationships with these nonprofit organizations by connecting their programs and services to our employees and to our other community partners. Our employees are given opportunities to engage in the company’s philanthropic outreach and initiatives through company-provided matching grants, volunteer participation and nonprofit board leadership placement and support. Overall, we strive to focus our philanthropic efforts programmatically in the areas of youth enrichment, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

Requests for Support

  1. Nonprofit charitable organizations may submit proposals for Warner Bros. Entertainment’s support by following these specific guidelines:
  2. An organization submitting a request for review must be able to show evidence of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status (by providing an IRS letter) and be in a current state of financial stability and good public standing.
  3. An original solicitation written on the organization’s letterhead must be submitted via U.S. mail or via e-mail to [email protected], at least six weeks prior to the date of need.
  4. Please mail requests to: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Philanthropy, 4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 137, Burbank, CA  91522
  5. Please note that due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to notify all organizations of declined proposals.
  6. Ineligible entities include (but are not limited to):  individuals, private foundations, conferences, conventions, seminars, carnivals, contests, athletic groups, sports tournaments, beauty pageants, K-12 schools, political organizations, labor or fraternal organizations, booster clubs, travel funds for expeditions or trips, incentive reward programs, for-profit ventures and nonprofit organizations without current 501(c)(3) status.

IMPACT Employee Giving Program:  Impact provides eligible Warner Bros.’ employees worldwide with the opportunity to contribute financially and volunteer hands-on for established, well-respected, charitable organizations that represent our focus areas in philanthropy and community involvement. Through Impact, our employees and partners can achieve maximum results and make a major difference in our communities, environment, youth and world.

Here’s how we are making our Impact:

Monetary Contributions

Participating employees make financial contributions, and Warner Bros. matches these contributions up to $1,000 per employee, per year.

Workday Volunteering

Eligible employees are encouraged to participate in company-sponsored volunteer events during the workday benefiting our partner organizations.   [Show slideshow]


  • Volunteerism
  • IMPACT Employee Giving Program: Impact provides eligible Warner Bros.’ employees worldwide with the opportunity to contribute financially and volunteer hands-on for established, well-respected, charitable organizations that represent our focus areas in philanthropy and community involvement.
  • Youth Mentoring

  • Warner Bros. has been a pioneer in the mentoring movement in Los Angeles and is a proud recipient of several commendations from the City of Los Angeles honoring our mentoring outreach program.

  • Founded in 2000, the Warner Bros. Mentoring Initiative has served more than 400 mentees who live in South Los Angeles. The mentees, students 13-21 years of age, are brought to the Studio twice a month during the nine-month academic year and are paired with employee volunteers to build self esteem and confidence, as well as learn and refine life skills. Mentees are also encouraged to explore future job opportunities at the Studio in areas such as finance, technical operations and facilities management. Additionally, mentees are eligible to apply to the Studio for a $500 scholarship upon graduation from high school to use toward secondary education expenses. The Studio’s community partner in the youth mentoring program is Youth Mentoring Connection.


REACH Scholarship Program: Since 2005, Warner Bros. Entertainment has awarded scholarship-internship packages, known as Honorships, to graduating high school seniors from Burbank and throughout Los Angeles County who are passionate about the business of entertainment.

Warner Bros. has a long history of supporting youth enrichment, ranging from educational programs to mentoring relationships to career opportunities. Through the Reach program, outstanding and talented students are awarded a $10,000 scholarship, four full-time paid summer internships at the company and are matched with an executive mentor.  The scholarships are distributed in $2,500 increments over four years and are paid directly to the college or university.  The internships take place during four consecutive summers, beginning the summer after the student graduates from high school and ending the summer prior to their senior year of college. After the successful completion of all four years of the Honorship, successful Reach graduates are eligible for full-time positions at Warner Bros. after completing their degrees.

Board Leadership: Warner Bros. actively participates in Time Warner’s Board Leadership Program, which was developed and launched in early 2005.  This program trains company employees to take on the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards of directors and pairs them with appropriate organizations.  Participants complete a one-day training in nonprofit board governance and topics such as fundraising, legal issues, conflicts of interest, and the nonprofit culture.  After training, participants meet with a board matching consultant, who assists employees with the nonprofit board placement process.

Burbank Initiatives:

Warner Bros. Studios has been a proud member of the Burbank community for more than 80 years. And, with over 2,000 of our employees also residing in Burbank, we take great pride in staying connected to the city through community outreach.

WBCitizenship Burbank Newsletter

The Studio supports its hometown through economic development, philanthropic giving, employee volunteerism and civic leadership and continually seeks out new opportunities through which to have a positive impact on our employees and communities in which we live and work.

Burbank Community Newsletter

In 2006, Warner Bros. began sending a bi-annual community newsletter to the residents of Burbank to keep them informed of our activities on the Studio Lot and around the community.

On LocationOn Location

We strive to build strong relationships with the communities in which we film.

While some of our films and television shows are filmed on the Studio Lot in Burbank, we also shoot in locations around the world. We strive to develop strong and lasting relationships with the communities in which we film. Central to our production work in these communities is the Filmmakers Code of Professional Responsibility, a set of guidelines that Warner Bros. productions use on location shoots.

Click here to read the guidelines

We also work closely with local governments and nonprofit organizations in locations such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, where our shows often film.

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