MOTHER & SON…he is the universe the beautiful stranger that walks with grace mother, child and love are one the sun shimmers on her face hopes and dreams a future to make she nourishes body and soul always there … Continue reading →

WHEN YOUR HEART IS FULL OF LOVE…. Thumbelina, Thumbelina, tiny little thing Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing, Thumbelina, what’s the difference if you’re very small? When your heart is full of love, you’re nine feet tall! So you’re no bigger than my thumb, than my thumb, than … Continue reading →

SNOW…  now fell and the carefree wind scattered the air releasing each flake to a direction toward it’s quiet landing. Toward a tree, onto a house or blanketing a path. But the crystals I see among the billions are the ones … Continue reading →

I REALLY LIKE YOU ALOT … I wanna kiss you tonight somethin about you seems so right could it be the shape of your lips or the curve of your hips   I wana kiss you tonight am i in love, i’m really not sure yet but I … Continue reading →

TIME IS NOW…Goin for a drink stare at a tree against the sky and think marry paper and ink things in my mind gotta come out of that there is no doubt this is me  take it or leave it i’ve got a dream … Continue reading →

PERSONAL TREASURE …feed the brain let the inspiration fall down like rain dont let someone tell you, you can’t do something let the motivation carry you forward, ask yourself what you will bring from the highest mountain and tallest tree reach for the stars and … Continue reading →

SIT  & STAY… Another lonely night Fighting hard to make it right Sometimes you gotta go it on your own Doesn’t mean your heart’s made of stone There are things to do in this life Gotta suck it up and endure the strife … Continue reading →

I BELIEVE… In the power of good and evil I choose good I believe in leaving the world a better place I will sacrifice for my children I believe an idea can change the world I am not afraid to take a … Continue reading →

MY TRUE LOVE… your love is like a rose I love watching it blossom each day another petal opens revealing a sliver of your beautiful heart day after glorious day we grow closer soon very soon it will be in full bloom our … Continue reading →

SOMEONE LIKE YOU… the thought of someone like you is what I dream of So much to plan so much to do and to myself I will be true   2 parts inspiration one part love don’t ya know it feels like heaven …Continue reading →

FATHER’S DAY… on this special day searching for the words to say how much I care and want to share   You’ve done so much my heart is touched everyday I am thankful for your love   I will share with you … Continue reading →

IN SYNC… We become what we think stand tall, proud & positive to push the limits of what will be head & heart must be in sync  Continue Reading

BROKEN… you were broken so was i are we too far gone I thought i’d try ****** you build me up I make you cry tears of joy i wonder why ****** could it be it’s meant to be it’s been …Continue reading →

LIVIN… She steals my frown when I’m feeling down puts a smile on my face even when she’s not around a connection so deep and real it’s how I feel no need for satin or lace she has her own appeal She’s … Continue reading →

BEGIN… life is not sentimental it treats all things equally those with wisdom are not sentimental they treat all people equally life is empty and infinite you get out what you put into it you can search high and low disappointment … Continue reading →

AN EMPTY BOWL… A Rhythmic Tao Interpretation… It is like an empty bowl you try to fill it but there seems to be a hole bottomless and fathomless never ending when you fall it just might be the beginning of it all it will round the edges … Continue reading →

WALKING… I’ve been out walking just myself and I doin all the talking a lonesome road on the way to that place burdened with an image and a feeling i try to erase You know what I mean we’ve all been … Continue reading →

SEX & SCIATICA: Confessions of Don Giovanni… The Referral: Dear Dr. Whelan, January 3, 2006 I am referring a Mr. Giovanni to your office. Donny has been recounting his sexual exploits to me with great glee, with the exception of his recent bout with debilitating sciatica, which is, of … Continue reading →

COLT… Do you get up from bed like a young colt? Charged up, refreshed, and ready to embark? When daybreak dawns, you should wake up and bolt! When you awaken, is it with a jolt? To trumpet herald to the morning … Continue reading →

SNOW WATER… Great images of snow and water, hope you are all safe and warm and ready to begin the new year. Thought I would add a poem by Emily Dickinson called The Snow that never drifts. The Snow that never drifts … Continue reading →

WHAT DO YOU LOVE? … Difficult question and understandably so when the dictionary tries to describe it 27 times. So what the heck, let’s start there. Dictionary.com says we can love God, people, places, jobs, life, things, sex or simply keep score of a tennis … Continue reading →

27 ANGELS … Please share far and wide, thank you. Amidst the disbelief and grief we search for relief it’s hard to find the good even though we know we should 27 angels ascended to heaven some we knew never knew, some were … Continue reading →

LOVE: A Tribute To Mother Teresa… I must remember—nothing counts but love: Sincere and humble, purely from the heart. To love the least one, is to serve Above. High, gentle bird of peace—stay living dove. No never leave—no never, ever part. I must remember—nothing counts but … Continue reading →

BE THANKFUL AND LOOK WITHIN FOR YOUR GRIN… HAPPINESS IS WAITING FOR YOU RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, NO NEED TO WISH UPON A SHOOTING STAR. It is like an empty bowl    you try to fill it but there seems to be a hole    bottomless and fathomless … Continue reading →

I’M NOT AFRAID… I’m Steve Schappert and I approved this message lmao! I’m Not Afraid so take my hand now is the time to free this land democracy … tyranny what’s the difference nothing but words you gotta open your mouth to be … Continue reading →

THE MIRROR… When you look at me you see your fear Your body shakes when I am near It isn’t  me that you see It’s the other side of who you want to be -Steve Schappert…  Continue Reading

FLESH & BONE… when you’ve worn the skin off your feet and refuse defeat when you sprint on stone and there’s nothing left but flesh and bone you make a decision then and there there’s no turning back no room for despair no … Continue reading →

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