All Pictures courtesy of Sketch Artist Dana Benz

Dana lives in Bethel CT and is available  to sketch your favorite photos .  What an awesome gift for those close to you. Do you have a photo of your parent’s wedding day, why not turn it into a sketch suitable for framing guaranteed to evoke more emotion than another sweater : )



Bios Environmental art GalleryThe BIOS Environmental Art Gallery will display original works of art for sale and appreciation throughout the building. Focusing on art that promotes the environmental movement, there will be permanent site work exhibits both indoor and outdoor. Original prints of conceptual drawings from around the world, video displays, with occasional live feeds of projects in the works, as well as recycled art, art featuring nature, if it combines art and nature you will find it here. A portion of the building will be set aside as a studio where artist can create there original works and speak with visitors. Art will also be available for display and purchase online through The BIOS Center website.


More art coming soon  to suggest an artist click on the reply below

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