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–Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joins David to discuss politics, conspiracy theories, whether the IRS, AP, and Benghazi so-called ‘scandals’ are actually scandals, and much more, including his upcoming book They Killed Our President: 63 Facts That Prove a Conspiracy to Kill JFK.


Our vision is clear: We Are Entertainment.

More than 35 years since its founding, Trans World Entertainment continues to set the pace in retail entertainment – adapting, innovating and anticipating the needs of our customers.

This vision is demonstrated by our ever-expanding array of music, movies, games, trend and other related products. We sell the sounds, sights, experiences and collectibles that people love. We are truly a total entertainment retailer and will continue to evolve our product mix to capitalize on growth opportunities in the marketplace.

THE GOOD WORD is expanding it’s network and adding blogs for each category off the main site menu.  THE GOOD WORD: ENTERTAINMENT will be built during the month of August, we are looking for expert columnists to contribute and gain additional exposure for their business. The link above is simply a sneak peak of things to come.

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