Celebrity Charity Poker Tour

Kevin Bacon & Eric Hansel

Kevin Bacon & Eric Hansel

Join Us! Have fun, be good, help others, it’s that simple!

THE GOOD WORD has been asked to be the media sponsor for this event and we jumped at the opportunity!  People having fun, enjoying life while helping others…yup that’s the concept!  The event is called BIG BEACH BLUFF and this is our very first day putting together concept so if you think you can help in any way, we would love to hear from you!

Here is the basic idea that my friend Eric Hansel shared with me.

  • Charity poker tourney in Atlantic City and Vegas.
  • Proceeds will go to help sustainably restore local business Along the jersey shore.
  • Eric’s many celebrity poker friends already said they would play, you can see pics on his facebook page
  • THE GOOD WORD will be sharing the event with it’s 1550+ advertisers to see if they have interest in helping…Can you?    Learn More  On Celebrity-Poker.org




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