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WalMart Canada

Lots of opinions about Walmart and other corporate giants, we thought we would peak at their corporate sustainability and see what fuels their continued growth.  The good word is they score pretty highly and perhaps others can learn from them and this article.


Saving Canadians money so they can live better.


Respect for the individual. Service to customers. Strive for excellence.

Relationship to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Walmart Canada operates largely as an independent company within the global Walmart organization. While ideas like the Walmart operating philosophy and values come to us from our parent company, most decisions that impact our business and our customers on a daily basis are made in Canada.

WalMart Canada


Bringing sustainability home

After five years of intensive learning, action, and commitment, it’s safe to say that sustainability is now an integral part of Walmart Canada’s culture. In this first critical phase, we can report steady progress towards achieving the first two of the three core goals shared with Walmart globally:

1. Be supplied 100 per cent by renewable energy
2. Create zero waste
3. Sell products that sustain people and the environment

Our sights are now set to accomplish the third and most difficult goal: working with suppliers to sustainably improve the products themselves – from the beginning to the end of the product lifecycle. This report shines a light on recent progress and challenges in our efforts to bring sustainability home to stay.


A culture where anything is possible

At Walmart Canada, our culture is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our greatest competitive strength and what connects us as people. We’re team players who believe in transparency and always strive to do the right thing. Above all, we share a passion to help Canadians save money so they can live better.

Across our entire organization, we seek to continually improve the work experience for our 87,000 associates by developing initiatives and programs, which reflect our three basic beliefs:

  • Respect for the individual
  • Service to our customers
  • Striving for excellence

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Walmart aspires to create a workplace culture, where for associates, anything is possible. By encouraging each person to envision their goals, we can help them make it happen.

 Ethical Sourcing

Monitoring our supply chain*

Helping people live better has always been core to Walmart’s mission and the foundation of our business. This mission applies to our customers, associates and the workers who make the products we sell. In 1992, we developed our Ethical Sourcing program to verify the products we sell are produced in a way that provides dignity and respect for workers in the supply chain, while protecting the environment.

Community Investment

Stylish Furniture Solutions for Less WalMart CanadaPutting Canada First

Knowing how much local communities contribute to our success, Walmart Canada is proud to give back by investing in our country’s economy. We now employ more than 87,000 associates across Canada and for each new store we open, hire anywhere from 150 – 500 associates from the local community.

In 2011,

Walmart once again demonstrated strong support for the national economy – spending more than $15.4 billion with over 5,000 Canadian suppliers and service providers

while creating more than 6,400 store and construction jobs.

We continue to work at the grassroots level to encourage local businesses and communities to grow – partnering with everyone from suppliers to educators to bring made-in-Canada products, ideas and innovation to market.

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