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THE GOOD WORD was developed by The Green Marketing Company a full service marketing company.

539151_446678268688284_1473428064_nGreen Marketing Made Simple:  Do Good, Do Well

OUR MISSION: Do good things & encourage others to do the same. People buy from people they like & they buy based on emotion. We help You promote the good things you do, increasing your business, making you more money, so you can do more good. JOIN US on Facebook  or visit us online!

Here’s how we can help:

Marketing: Are you seeking an experienced social media consultant to help your business or organization? The Green Marketing Company is a HootSuite Certified Professional. We are trained to help you utilize social media software tools to enhance your online communications and marketing strategy. As a full service marketing agency we also assist our clients in developing a complete, cost effective marketing strategy.

Advertising:  The Green Marketing Company can help you with Google Adwords, Maps and a whole arsenal of Google products to grow your business.  Contact us today for a $100 Google Adword coupon.

Publishing: We publish THE GOOD WORD, a multi-media publication, with print, video, web and social media.  Starting a new business in a down market we know we  had to create something that is unique and extremely cost effective. If we couldn’t deliver much more than you are already able to get else where we should just stay in bed.  THE GOOD WORD  delivers with amazing market penetration and pricing that is up to 90% less than other media.  We are a new publication and we are growing like wild fire. For a very limited time our pricing is an absolute “no brainer”, while we establish our selves in the community. We understand we must offer far more for far less and we do just that!

Email: Why wing it? Our Custom Services team can help you take flight. We do everything from account setup through custom design – so your newsletter creates maximum impact and your response rates fly high.

Web Development: We build high traffic, highly persuasive online suites that combine web, blog, social media sites, Google Adwords, photography and photoshop image customization.  We recommend WordPress for most customers as it gives you the ability to create, maintain and grow your site with out extensive knowledge or special software.  We typically create the basic site for you and provide you with an hour of initial training to get you off to a fast start.  This is a great option for clients that already have a website, but want more control and don’t want to have to  pay extra for every  add on.

Maintenance: We can simply take what you have and turbo charge it!  We provide creative writing, SEO updates, landing pages, service area pages, marketing/sales consultation, Tweeting and social media posting that get results.  Reviewing all of your promotional activity required to maintain your product’s or a firm’s current market share in a highly competitive market.

Analysis: Utilizing analytical tools from Hootsuite, Constant Contact, Intuit and his 30 years of accounting experience with an MBA and BBA in accounting, Tom Burke of The Green Marketing Company can ensure that your dollars are wisely spent.  Tom is also available to train you on site.

Training:  Steve Schappert has done a great deal of public speaking, training and teaching.  Steve was the featured green builder at the national real estate conference in Las Vegas,  taught energy conservation to grades 3-6, environmental science to grades 9-10, Sustainable business practices at Gateway College and a Master’s class for elementary education students on advances in science education at Yale Peabody, and was asked to teach Green Marketing at Eafit Univeristy in Columbia scheduling didn’t permit.  Steve has a unique ability to make complex issues simple.  Schedule a free consultation with Steve to discuss how to promote your business for free.  203-994-3950.

Going Green & Earning  Green. Our 4 Step Approach Can Help You:

1. Evaluate Sustainability
Our free sustainability report will review: Energy supply costs, usage, insulation and ventilation, water usage, waste management, reduction and recycling, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon foot print, employee health, wellness & safety, responsible and ethical sourcing and production of materials.

2. Increase Profits
We help you implement the improvements! 0 down and 0% financing is currently available for some improvements between $500 and $100,000. We focus on the most cost effective improvements first so you can do well by doing good! Switching your energy supplier can save you 10% with only a 2 minute investment. Once we verify your eligible for the program, establish objectives and analyze data we will meet with you to determine the best plan of attack for you. We then show you how to promote the good things you do to attract more customers.

3. Promote Your Good Deeds
Our most popular service is and where we are focusing our efforts are our online advertising packages for companies that are getting started with their online promotions. Included in our package is a custom, search engine optimized website, a WordPress blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and point of sale display, all for $350. This package is so popular we operate a separate website to promote it.

4. Grow Your Business
People Buy From You Because They Like You. The keys to green marketing: plant the seeds of awareness, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards. Our sustainable approach to business development helps you create deep bonds of loyalty from your customers. Affordable green solutions will inspire real change. Our goal is to promote humanity through the use of social business enterprise, or teaching people to do well by doing good.

“Keep stepping forward. Persistence conquers all, there is no replacement, not talent, genius, or education… nothing comes close. Persistence is born of passion and determination and can be found at the root of every great human achievement. When persistence is fueled by the heart, there are no limits to your success. Determine the object of your desire and get started today” ~ Steve Schappert

Don’t wait another moment!
Contact Steve Schappert today to start building your business
with a local marketing genius that is offering incredibly LOW pricing for a very limited time.  203-994-3950

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