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“The world has just suffered a tremendous financial set back and as we crawl back to prosperity the housing market will play an important role,  controlling costs, increasing quality an being more energy efficient will no longer be an option.  The green market will be “the market.”   At Panelized Building Systems we take that very seriously and we understand that the only way to bring about change is to make sure healthy and energy efficient is cost effective from day one.  Life is about balance and we are here to help you achieve that balance.” Schappert said this 4 years ago and today it is truer than ever.

Now The Green Marketing Company will be blowing the dust off the old websites and breathing life into the BIOS brand of green, energy efficient homes.

Right now is a great time to build, mortgages are available and the rates are low, labor, and materials are down and raw land is more affordable than its been in years!


  • Reduced labor cost, material waste, and on-site construction time due to quick, simplified construction.
  • Interest savings from reduced construction completion and move-in.
  • Reduce cost overruns from unforeseen circumstances such as time and cost delays caused from inclement weather and shortage of qualified subcontractors.
  • Automated process and controlled environment create homes of consistent high quality.
  • Continuous in-house and third party inspections at the manufacturing facility.
  • Dry-in stage can be reached in days rather than weeks or months.

Since the first panelized home was built in the USA in 1624, panelized structures had been limited to niche markets because of lack of technology to enable high precision, on-site erection, and customization. However; by 1987, fifty (50) percent of all new housing produced in the United States was built in a controlled factory environment. 

BIOS Building technologiesBIOS is our trademarked, zero energy line of homes, churches and commercial buildings, Combining double wall panelized construction, advanced insulation and alternative energy systems to provide the most energy efficient homes on the market!

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