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Auto Parts Warehouse

THE GOOD WORD show cases everything relevant to the auto industry Cars, trucks, hybrids, SUV’s We are looking for compelling stories to feature as well about companies that have gone the extra mile to succeed will helping people and the planet.
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Company Overview is the largest and fastest growing auto parts providing network that connects buyers with seller. Our system sells used and new car, truck and heavy duty truck parts. Our network of auto parts suppliers is the largest on the internet. Their is not a make, model, year or part type that our sellers don’t either directly stock or can locate. What Amazon and Ebay did for e-commerce and expanding markets in general, Automotix does directly for Auto Parts!

If you have friends in the auto industry, tell them about this cutting edge website. Any professional buyer such as a body shop, car repair, etc can benefit greatly from our service.

Automotix also specializes in being a platform where seller can sell their inventory of auto parts.

The technology of Automotix is the future face of auto recycling. Locating auto body parts is a user friendly way to conveniently shop online.

The Automotix team combines extensive experience in the automotive arena as well as online technologies, allowing sellers and buyers to procure cars, trucks and auto parts. Since the inception of the Wide World Web, we have been working closely with car dealers, classic car traders, car brokers, rebuilders, auto pools, auctions houses, insurance and fleet companies, trucking companies, auto parts suppliers, aftermarket car part distributors, salvage yards, car repair shops, mechanics, do-it-yourselfers and catalog providers.


Another key advantage to purchasing used auto parts is that it is an excellent way to help the environment. When you purchase used parts, either from a salvage yard or re manufactured from an auto parts house, you help keep materials out of landfills. While much of the vehicle can be compacted or even recycled to reduce the amount of material that is put in landfills, many individual auto parts still find their way into various trash dumps. When you purchase used parts, you help reduce the amount of these materials that are thrown away.

Purchasing used parts also helps reduce the need to have more new parts manufactured. This of course helps save materials that would be used to make the parts, as well as reduce the amount of fuel such as electricity that is also needed to manufacture new parts. Many times if you purchase a remanufactured part from an auto parts house, you also have the ability to take the damaged part from your car in and not only receive a discount on the part you are buying from a core charge, but also help keep a new part from having to be manufactured since they can now re manufacture your used part. via Street Directory

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