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Global opportunity You Can Own An Exclusive Territory With THE GOOD WORD!

Can You Sell?  THE GOOD WORD is offering ownership of 5 exclusive territories in Connecticut.  Each territory will produce a print publication that reaches 500,000 people, local websites, video, and social media campaigns. To begin you will earn a good living, while promoting goodness. From there your unlimited success is up to you. Call me and let’s talk about this opportunity to spread the good word.

     - Steve Schappert 203-994-3950

The Green Marketing Company and its publication THE GOOD WORD  will be opening 5 new locations in Connecticut this year.  We will grow by offering ownership in a concept and company that is bigger than one person.

We will work together to build a global media company that promotes goodness,  that’s right all good news all the time!  You won’t just owned an exclusive territory, you will own part of the corporation.  

We want to build a company that cares about people, offering profit share, stock options and benefit packages.  We don’t have everything in place yet, but that is where we are headed, and with the help a a few good people, we will achieve our goals.

The 5 Connecticut locations and the programs that we implement will serve as the basis for a global brand that promotes goodness, just what the world needs now! Each location (5 total) will print a unique quarterly print publication and operate local websites and social media.  Each print publication will target 500,000 people in CT. We expect some overlap allowing for deep market penetration and powerful exposure for our clients.   “We don’t have all the answers yet, we are building  a team of talented individuals that each bring a skill set to benefit the organization.  Please do not ask what we can do for you, instead, tell us what we can do together.”  - Steve Schappert

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This is not another crazy business opportunity.  This is however;  just the beginning, we have laid the ground work, we have surpassed the Alexa score of others on the Forbes top 20 franchise opportunities.  We are here to make a difference and we are not afraid of work.

This is not get rich quick, this is opportunity, opportunity is calling and we are wondering if you have what it takes to answer the call. This is a ground floor business opportunity that could lead to a more secure future for you and your loved ones, while helping others do well by doing good.

I need 5 good people, the right 5 people and I will not settle, together we will build a team, a future and a new life. If that sounds like something you are interested in, let me know, but do your homework, look at the site, see what we are about and make an educated decision. 

Can you sell?  We are dividing Connecticut into 5 territories.  Each territory will have a print publication with a 100,000 circulation that will reach 500,000 people, and local websites for each town.  We need 1 owner for each territory.  Here is how we are determining distribution

If You Qualify You Can Buy Your Territory for $1

Our Products include:  

  • Print publication
  • Local website advertising
  • Social media development & campaigns
  • Sales & Marketing Consulting

High Commission Income: 

  • 20% on print ads
  • 30% on web and social media

These three services will make you a sales powerhouse that will create repeat business and residual income that will ensure a comfortable retirement.  We are here to help you live your dreams, additional product lines will be added soon.

  • Freedom from a job
  • Freedom from a boss
  • Freedom to be in business for yourself
  • Freedom to dream big

As a representative of The Green Marketing Company you can help your clients go green, earn green and save green!

This is a very limited time offer, there are only 5 territories available once they are gone, they are gone for good.  However it is not first come first served, we are very particular and protective of  THE GOOD WORD.  Our business plan shows territory #6 with  a $15,000 price tag on it!  

Contact us today!

Call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950  or

send a resume to [email protected] 

Thank you for your interest!

  WARNING: This is NOT a JOB!  This is a ground floor opportunity to assist in the development of a privately owned, global media company that focuses on Goodness.  Profit share and growth potential could be substantial.  Individuals interested in the opportunity should contact Steve Schappert.  We are taking names and numbers for people interested in joining the team outside CT.

Here are 5 advantages to licensing according to Robert Townsend

  1.  Both franchising and licensing are governed by the franchising laws and cases. By using licensing the Client can save $55,000 or more in legal and franchising fees and costs.
  2. The Client can get started selling licenses and receiving income in two weeks…not six months to a year as is usually the case in franchising.
  3. Unlike franchises, Licensees are subject to no significant special State or Federal filings, offerings or disclosure regulations (often including past financial statements).  But it is very important to note that a proper license agreement follows the franchise laws, but without the need to register or offer disclosure documents.
  4. Some franchise lawyers scare clients away from considering licensing because often (i) the lawyers do not fully understand “licensing” or (ii) because the lawyers make a great deal more money from franchising.
  5. Like franchising, “Licensing” is a first class form of expanding a business; for example, Starbucks uses licenses in their non-corporate owned stores. The fact is, one cannot tell by physical appearance what is a franchise and what is a license.
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