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Steve Schappert, Publisher THE GOOD WORD

Steve Schappert, Publisher THE GOOD WORD

Social Business Enterprise, multimedia platform that includes printed publications, web, social media & video.

We are an alternative media company that provides inspirational stories about the good things people do to help other people and the planet. THE GOOD WORD features the good, green, cost-effective things people do to make our world a  better place. Poetry, stunning photography and inspirational quotes will give the print piece a unique look and feel. THE GOOD WORD was conceived in Brookfield, CT. Our print publication was born at GreenFest 2012 in Danbury CT with 100,000 copies distributed, making it one of the largest publications in the state on its first day.

We learned alot about distribution, design, logistics and competition in the following months, and spent a year developing the site, that has received over a million hits a day.  We literally blew up 3 servers in the process! Future print issues won’t be as time sensitive, offering timeless stories of inspiration in a monthly print publication.

winter_Page_1The new format will reach 500,000 over a month of circulation. We plan to launch 5 editions in 2014 in Connecticut with a total circulation expected to reach 2,500,000 people in CT, RI,NY, MA.

Distribution: Copies will be distributed door to door, business to business and person to person.  We will target waiting rooms in the health, financial and automotive sectors, and we have noticed a great deal of empty newsstands that we will stock.  Hotels, resorts, spas, hospitals, high schools, rehab centers, and  elderly housing complexes.

Who doesn’t love good news? We believe there is enough misery in the world, and our  minds need a breath of fresh air. THE GOOD WORD is here to provide just that.

A strong message of hope and tolerance is promoted in THE GOOD WORD.THE GOOD WORD will promote the BIOS Concept, which is the belief that promoting green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable, energy-efficient living can make a change in the world that will bond all race, creed, color and religion. Teaching the world to do well by doing good.  Together we can create a better life for all by understanding that we are all connected by mind, body, spirit and earth. In addition to the environmental focus we will provide information on art, literature, music and most of all humor. THE GOOD WORD is here to put a smile back in your day!

The Green Marketing Company is developing THE GOOD WORD as a printed publication that offers local business the ability to target their community and spotlight the good things they have done to become successful.  Spreading THE GOOD WORD lifts spirits, increases your business, and simply makes the world a little more  pleasant.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Buddha
Are You Succeeding While Helping People And The Planet?  Submit a free article to THE GOOD WORD.  [email protected]

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