Friday, February 5, 2016


Nissan X-Trail Mobil SUV Tangguh dan Sporty Terbaik - Only with one motor system to work efficiently, providing power runway as well as an electric generator. Carefully, the system controls the motors work in order to soak up the beat when the second clutch is connected. Responsiveness This control gives the satisfaction of driving in terms of performance and fuel efficiency that is environmentally friendly.

Alloy sophistication MR20DD 2.0L engine and Electric Motor in the X-Trail Hybrid is capable of removing the power to the 178.1 PS yet refined almost silently, and far more fuel-efficient than conventional engines.

Wheel drive system as well as generate electricity with one motor, and features innovative dual clutch that separates the motor working with the machine. Drove at high speed and charge electric power can also be done on the EV mode (Electric Vehicle).

Roomy cabin with class material and the second row leather seats that can be adjusted as needed, serving adventure in comfort for all passengers.


The monitor displays 3605 scenery around the car, the more ease when parked or entering a cramped space.

All information about the condition of the vehicle and travel, attractively presented in plain sight.

Ease of existing audio system settings at your fingertips.

Toughness performance with the sophistication that address the challenges of nature, as if ready to invite you to continue racing and adventure further.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kopi Luwak, The Economist and Boycott

London's leading weekly newspaper 'The Economist' end of August 2013 edition contains an article that discusses Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. Ranging from the number of copies forgery until the attempt to create a synthetic badger coffee that tastes the same as the original. The most expensive coffee in the world ($ 80 a cup), made the event a promo for the new customers weekly. By paying customer registration $ 5 per week will receive a free cup of civet coffee. It received a mixed response from the reader. There was a mention that the civet coffee is evidence of a dark history of Dutch colonialism, when the farm laborers have to work hard inlander produce coffee without ever being allowed to taste it, drink coffee which is finally civet droppings. Also disgust because sip dirt. But most responses are strong protest animal rights groups about pengandangan weasel (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and forced to consume only coffee beans, along with a call to not drink civet coffee, even a threat to unsubscribe if the campaign is still running.

If previously Kopi Luwak is one of the main export commodity, scandal promo Economist mebuat declining world demand. Impressions in one of our television about civet dipenangkaran injuries due to lack of protein because the only fed coffee (civet is an omnivore) accelerate the destruction of civet coffee business. If previously the price per kilo of civet coffee reached 1 million per kilo, is now down to 200 thousand or 300 thousand. We should not forget, at the present time is not only the quality of the finished product consumer purposes. Process to produce products also will determine whether the product will be accepted by the market. Alvin Toffler, in 1970 in his book Future Shock (Surprise Future), has predicted that something like this will be more and more we find.

Nike boycotted because of ethical and child labor, products of Israel as the state oppression against the Palestinian people, Monsanto and GMA for refusing to write the label 'Genetically Modified Food', or the oil companies were accused of damaging the environment, and others. The term boycott itself is said to come from the name of an Irish landlord, Charles Boycott, abandoned by workers and surrounding communities because evict tenants who do not pay land rent. Back to the civet coffee, how do I restore consumer is already 'hate'? If you just improve nutrition civet breeding results will not necessarily boost exports are already falling. But at least more animal to the mongoose. The most rational (and require additional large capital) is meliarkan return them in the same broad area of ​​natural habitat, and picking up dirt from nature. Rational not necessarily profitable. Moreover, if the civet coffee synthetic formula found.

Kopi Luwak famous of liwa

Who coffee lovers? Ever tried civet coffee? I wonder who the first taste, coffee supposedly derived from civet feces much more delicious and tasty than regular coffee. And this time the fact that the price of civet coffee was expensive.

In the market, the price per kilo of civet coffee could reach $ 343 or US $ 3.25 million. Much more expensive than such famous Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica for $ 108. Even in the United States and Japan market could reach $ 800 per kilo. Or $ 50 per cup. Meanwhile, if the Sanur area of ​​Bali, we can enjoy a cup of civet coffee for Rp 200 thousand.

On the way to Makassar, I read an interesting article about LionMag civet coffee in the magazine, the inflight magazine of Lion Air. Articles written Teguh Sudarisman tells entrepreneurs civet coffee in an alley in Jalan Raden Intan Liwa City West Lampung.

Luwak or civet, the Liwa call musong is a kind of animal for adult cats hairy brown color, a little there is white on the face, especially on his mustache.

There are 5 types of mongoose that is:

    Civet Month
    Civet Pandan
    Civet Land
    Civet Trees and
    Civet Tigers.

However, only the Moon and Luwak Civet Pandan hooked or want to eat beans. Luwak is the first enemy of coffee farmers. But we realize the economic value of the beans of the coffee is very high stool. Then hunt civet feces was intensively conducted. Not only in plantations but also in the woods. But the "civet feces hunters" to get 50 kg per month only, it is difficult not playing. So since 2008, began mongoose kept or bred. The goal, mongoose used as a "machine producing coffee beans".

Mongoose-arrested and made wild civet cages. Each cage measuring 1 square meter, and therein made bulkhead. And each partition that is occupied by a mongoose. Because if not separated or bulkhead, the civet-mongoose would claw and fight each other. Under the cage there is a gap that is intended to accommodate the civet feces.

Not only from the feces of civet coffee beans are expensive. Pandan Luwak Civet Month and also expensive, between USD 1.5 to 2 million per head. Mongoose was usually purchased from farmers or hunters. Luwak can be maintained for a coffee or so "coffee machine" aged 4-17 years.

Actually Luwak Civet Pandan and Moon prefer arabica coffee as more sweet and fragrant. But in the city of Liwa most widely grown Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is purchased from farmers or PTPN segarga Rp 6 thousand - $ 7 thousand per kilo. Mongoose does not consume all of the coffee. Civet coffee eating only truly ripe red and fresh. Mongoose also just want coffee freshly picked or a maximum of 2 days after picking.

Usually given to civet coffee during the afternoon. And in the morning, feces containing coffee already under the cage. Of the coffee fruit, civet just eat the fruit, while the seeds after going through the digestion process will still be in one piece.

Interestingly, Civet Pandan able to consume 1 kg cherries per night. While the Month Civet only 1/2 kg. Of the amount of coffee consumed it, feces produced as many as 200-300 grams. Keep in mind, not only eating fruits civet coffee. In addition to coffee, civet-mongoose kept it also fed bananas, fish, chicken, milk and multivitamins.

Stool out of the mongoose, except for spindles coffee, coffee beans are washed so that the remaining intact. Then dried under the sun for a few days to dry. The coffee beans are shelled to escape the rigors shell and produce green bean. The core seeds washed and roasted. Most coffee roaster, there are ground to be used as ground coffee. Further ground coffee packaged in aluminum foil container kedam air.

Packaging of Liwa civet coffee is among the brands King Mongoose, Queen Luwak, coffee Musong Liwa. Usually to market Taiwan, China, Japan and Europe. In Jakarta Coffee LuwakB ubuk of this Liwa City pasaranya price of Rp 1.2 million per kilogram. Coffee spindles Rp 250 thousand per kilogram, and green bean Rp 400 thousand per kilogram.

Kopi Luwak privilege that younger black color, thicker, and heavier "body" of coffee. However feels smoother when diteguk. So Westerners call it more syrupy, alias like syrup. Aroma of caramel and chocolate directly felt in the palate with a bitter taste that is almost non-existent.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rework smart Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak became the pride of the people of Indonesia. The uniqueness offered coffee making civet coffee prices fairly high.

If we order civet coffee in the cafe for example, a cup of coffee can penetrate even the price of 100,000 or more. In order to be enjoyed by all people, civet coffee brand sold in packs. "Coffee is the percentage of small luwaknya. It does not mean nothing at all, but very few, "said Adi W Taroepratjeka coffee observer.

Then, how to present the kopi luwak coffee up at the table? Presentation of the coffee fruit to be given to the animal mongoose, ideally between 1-2 kg should not exceed. Mongoose was just going to eat the ripe fruit on the tree. The time is right to provide for civet coffee is the afternoon and evening because mongoose have nocturnal nature (animal night).

The next morning turn to harvest the coffee beans that had turned 100% into civet coffee (green beans), by collecting dirt mixed with coffee. The next process, ie leaching (washing) to separate the coffee beans from the droppings (feces) and then dried in the sun to dry and clean. After work, the coffee will slightly change color to green (green beans) and then packaged.

Next live grilled or baked (roasting) so the color is brown (roasted beans) and then milled to a powder (grounded beans) ready for brewing. Actually, since the harvest is done, the coffee can be directly sold in the form prongkolan (raw beans) because demand for civet coffee is not limited only to the grounded beans, roasted beans, and green beans. Well to make a delicious coffee, there are several things that need attention.

First, with regard to the quality of coffee beans. The faster the milled beans after baking, the better because if too long will reduce the quality of the coffee. However, this can be minimized if you store it properly. Water quality is also decisive, because 98% constituent of coffee is water. Then the proportion between the beans and water will also determine the levels of concentration of coffee.

It is also worth noting, avoid coffee grind more coarse or finer than optimal levels because both will reduce the taste and aroma of coffee. Coffee is ground more rugged than optimal, will generate a bad extraction. While the coffee was ground finer than optimal, there will be excess extraction resulting in a bitter taste.

Be sure to brew coffee at the appropriate time and at appropriate intervals as well (if using a coffee maker). Typically, the optimal cooking temperature of coffee is about 92-96o C. Instability temperature in espresso maker is one of the reasons why espresso taste so bad. The coffee machine also plays an important role in the ripening of coffee so you must ensure that the machines used good quality.

The machine is characterized by its ability to maintain a stable temperature. Once the coffee is finished cooking, the presentation must pay attention to the coffee cups of coffee used. The ideal coffee cup must have a sufficient diameter so that the aroma can reach the nose. This is because the scent is a major factor that affects the sense of taste.

We recommend coffee cups that are used must also be able to maintain the temperature of the coffee stays hot for a long time. You can prepare a porcelain cup for temperature insulation capability.

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